Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Return of The Tiny Dancing Podcast

Back in the dim and distant days of Tiny Dancing, when we didn't really exist and were not people of art, we used to talk about stuff and then make that talking available for people to listen to, if they were that way inclined. You know the type.

Then we stopped doing that, didn't do anything at all for a bit, then started doing Tiny Dancing as a venerable publication of the great and the good, which you know about because we tell you about it often enough.

But we'd stopped talking, and if there's one thing we at Tiny Dancing like more than beautiful illustration, writing, comics and other stuff, it's talking. So we've started again.

We're calling this talking 'Issue 6', because it seemed topical and because we read an article about selling stuff on the interweb, and it said it was a good idea. We talk about what we've got in Issue 6 (topical), what other people have got in Issue 6 (topical), and round things off with an interview with Steven Horry - the man, the life, the art. All in all, the two magic words. Added. Value. Right click.

The Tiny Dancing Podcast - Issue 6

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tiny Dancing - Issue 6 (Real Version)

It took 5 months. It didn't need to, but it did. I blame the ills of society, but what can you do? Get on Tiny Dancing Issue 6, that's what!

But filling in for the vacuity of Big Dave's Big Plan isn't the only reason why you should get involved. Let's start with the cover, by Becky Strickson. Not only is it a wonder in itself, as you can see, but it's also the first of our covers that has the potential to offend Tom Cruise. It is also exciting to touch. Now that's what a front cover is all about.

We've got the return of Hilary Harper by Steven Horry (spoilers etc etc etc), this time collaborating with Ricky Miller, who himself adds another layer to the ongoing mystery of Metroland.

H.B. provides us with the most insightful and apt comment on the entire hacking debacle I've yet to see, which in itself renders any need for further pondering by Committee completely redundant. It's brilliant.

As is the first Tiny Dancing outing from Tim Bird, a man who walks the city with his head held high, as we scurry around with our blinkers on. You need to keep an eye on Tim's website - he's a goddamn creative machine I tells you.

Rounding out the newcomers is Marianne Da Costa, who gives us a beautifully evocative piece of writing, accentuated by a return to biro love from the aforementioned Miss Strickson. We love Marianne, and we love her writing. We want her to do more.

Emma Hammond makes a welcome return to our pages, with an erotic re-imagining of Lucy's discovery of Narnia. This one gave a few of the Tiny Dancing regulars a bit of a flush, but not your erstwhile, worldly-wise Editor - on no. And we need to mention that Emma's contribution coincides with her work on The Dream Of The Fisherman's Wife, an anthology of work based on the theme of erotic mythology - find out more here.

Megan Ancliffe shows us how ancient science can achieve the impossible (make Queen's Park both interesting and beautiful), whilst Michael Gosden embarks on what looks to be an epic tale of animism, pharmaceuticals and suspense (that's what he tells us, anyway).

And closing out the issue, Ricky and Michael combine on an attempt to understand imaginary numbers with a helping hand from Melvyn Bragg, whilst I make sure the edges are full with all killer, no filler.

In conclusion, we think this is the best issue we've put together so far, so there's absolutely no reason we can think of why you shouldn't buy it. Well, there might be one or two, but kiddies could be reading this, so let's keep it clean.

Techno-money is sendable via the Paypal below, but you can get a copy from us in person (Ricky, Steven, Michael and Becky have all been stocked up and sent forth into the world), there should be some in the usual outlets in the not too distant future, and we're also manning a stall at the Wonder Hill Market next Saturday the 27th of August, more of which will be revealed later. And if none of those take your fancy, drop us an email and we'll sort something out.

EDIT: You can now get Issue 6 and The Young Tony Hadley Chronicles Vol. 1 from Extra Bones, a new zone created by Andrew Kerr within the walls of Utrophia, at 120 Deptford High Street. It's a shop, a trading post, a collection display and an HQ for side projects, related and un-related to the main Utrophia project. It's full of wonders and delights, so make sure you take your purse with you for you will need it, and it's open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

ANOTHER EDIT: Orbital Comics, London's very finest comics emporium, is now all stocked up with Issue 6's! Have a peruse through their small press racks and you'll find us in fine company.


So, yes. Issue 6. Finally.

The Young Tony Hadley Chronicles - Volume One (Real Version)

Of course, this had to happen. The wave of almost fervent indifference following our threat to make some actual real copies of The Young Tony Hadley Chronicles - Volume 1, was palpable. And when our public speaks with one voice, we, your servants, must surely listen. So, here for the holding in your real hand, the looking at, and the reading of, is possibly the peak of my creative career so far. And that's saying something.

In a bid to stir up what will doubtless be a consuming frenzy to get your hands on one of these little beauties, I thought I'd casually drop in that there's a limited number of just fifty available. And no more will ever be made. Unless they go really well, then we'll print shitloads, and try and hawk them everywhere. But you? You will have been there at the start.

Oh, and did I mention the exclusive content, that will never been available anywhere else? I'm sorry, I've gone too far, let us pretend I never spoke of it...

Paypal, come and find me and thrust a pound coin in my sweaty palm, barter a chicken egg - the usual:


Tiny Dancing - Issue 5 (Not Real Version)

There are three simple reasons why it's taken sooooo long to get the downloadable version of Issue 5 up for your clicking on. These can be summarised as follows:

1 - I am easily distracted. Things that have distracted me recently include my cat, Game of Thrones, Football Manager on the iPhone and Duncan The Wonderdog Show One. And that's possibly in the last week.

2 - The company who we use for our web-hosting-type-stuff being a bunch of fuckwits, and taking a month to sort out something which didn't need to be changed in the first place. They gave us some money back, but still.

3 - Volume 2 of the Tiny Dancing Audio Library, which accompanies Issue 5, being a total ballhang to turn from twenty-odd individual files into one that you can download all easily. So much of a ballhang in fact, that I've still not finished it. I may have not even started. Like I say - easily distracted.

But rather than find other things to do than sit moving little tracks round in Logic all day, here is the electronicalled version of Tiny Dancing Issue 5, with Volume 2 of the Audio Library to follow shortly. Probably. Actually, now X-Factor has started again, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Tiny Dancing - Issue 5 (Not Real Version)