Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tiny Dancing - Issue 1 (Not Real Version)

With Issue 2 now firmly in the 'being thought about quite a lot' stage, and most of the copies of Issue 1 now in the hands of... someone, we thought it was about time we gave 'it' to you in a computerised version for downloading.

Now we know we said the entire point of our new endeavouring was to give you something that was a real thing, but come now - we are not completely without fingers in the future pie.

And no doubt by now the real life copies out there in the possession of... someone are all dog eared from the relentless thumbing through and reading and that, so it's excellent timing really. Excellent.

So now, marvel at the full 24 pages of stuff that was put together by us for you on your very own computer screen, as we proudly present... the not real version of Tiny Dancing Issue 1. We thank you.

Tiny Dancing - Issue 1 (Not Real Version)