Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tiny Dancing - Issue 5 (Real Version)

Finally! Finally, issue 5 is here (well, it was kind of here at the London Comic and Small Press Expo the other week, but let us not get hung up on the mereness of details, hmm?)!

Just as the long, cold winter seems to have been thwarted, we present to you good peoples another ray of printed sunshine with which to coax the shoots of growth from the gradually defrosting earth of inspiration. Yeah, that one kind of got away from me a little bit.

To shake the sleep away from your moley hibernated eyeballs (I'm going with it) we have wonders such as an astonishing front cover and Beefheart tribute from H.B., new instalments of Metroland and Hilary Harper from Ricky Miller and Steve Horry respectively (which if you ask me might just be their best work yet), a look inside the workings of The Park from Michael Gosden, further glimpses into the gifted minds and worlds of Rebecca Strickson, Megan Ancliffe and Joe Morris, and to top it all off, we're delighted to welcome aboard Leila Southgate and her paintbrush for the first time.

Slap Volume 2 of the Tiny Dancing Audio Library on the back (free sound!), mix in more Young Tony Hadley Chronicles, and finally add in a doff of our caps to the work of Derek Griffiths and Bobby George, and there you have it - issue 5 in all it's "glory".

So, you want one? You do? Splendid! That'll be two pounds please. This is how we do it:

1 - Firstly, we have the Paypal. Now, I only set this up once every three months when we have a new issue, and in that time I always forget how to do it. So there's a distinct possibility I've done it wrong, and it won't work. Let us know if it doesn't work, basically.


2 - Then, we have the sending of cold, hard cash. If you're up for that, send us suitable funds with a legible note of your address to our "drop house":

Tiny Dancing
12C The Gardens
East Dulwich
SE22 9QD

3 - We could do a swap of something. If you want to send us something to swap (and we're thinking other publications and such like, rather than any stuff you've got lying around your house that you don't really want anymore - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but we're something of hoarders here at Tiny Dancing, and we have no space left to live in), then send it to us at the address as included under payment option no. 2 thank you please.

4 - Find me or one of our mobile vendors, and carry out a personal transaction. This will be easier now the sun is out a bit, and I may leave the house occasionally.

5 - Wait until we get some into the shops that sell them for us. We haven't stocked them up as yet, but we will, so keep an eye on it. UPDATE! There are now some copies of Issue 5 in stock at Orbital Comics! We love Orbital Comics, so when you go there to buy Issue 5, spend some time perusing the other amazing stuff in store like the cabinet full of original M.A.S.K. toys.

And now there are some copies of Issue 5 in stock at Sister Ray as well! We love Sister Ray, so when you go there to buy Issue 5, spend some time perusing their amazing array of music which fuelled an awful lot of our old music blog.

And so that is that. Let us part on the understanding that there are exciting plans afoot in the world of Tiny Dancing which will not only mean issue 6 should be even more of a good thing, but also that other projects are being "initiated" that we can't tell you about yet, just in case it doesn't actually work. Which it will, but just in case. Like I said - "exciting".

Monday, 7 March 2011

Marg? Marg!

Marg? Marg! is the new book from Rebecca Strickson, regular contributor to Tiny Dancing and all round amazing purveyor of illustration.

It's a small compendium of family sayings, a little tribute to parental wisdom and the universal brilliance of the poking things with a big stick, and is really rather special. We suggest you brighten up your day, and order your copy from Rebecca's online shop without further delay.

We'll also have some copies to sell on our table at the London Small Press and Comic Expo this Saturday the 12th of March, so that's another reason to come along and see us. In real life. Hmm.