Sunday, 28 February 2010


The more eagled eyed of you out there will have noticed that there is change afoot here. And if there's one thing that my wanderings in the corporate world have taught me it's that CHANGE IS BAD and it must be MANAGED. So, consider this yourself being managed. I am that good.

Firstly, the old blog hasn't disappeared, it's just been put away somewhere else. It had been sitting there like a little puppy looking up at the dinner table for a good while now, being chucked the odd bit of gristle or unsatisfying morsel, and it got to the point where we just couldn't take it anymore. We are not, after all, without compassion.

If you want to go and see it, it's here - Tiny Dancing - The Archive. Like an elderly relative in a rest home, you might want to drop in on it occasionally when you've got five minutes to kill. Don't bring flowers, they play havoc with our sinuses.

So, to the second part of this management masterclass - The New. In the days since the old blog 'wound down' shall we say, we've been in a state of meditation in an attempt to decide where our endeavors should take us next. After abortive attempts at opening a new school for the performing arts, specialising solely in mime and throat singing, and a brief stint working on a new musical about the indigenous peoples of The Amazon with Sting (didn't work out, we're not down with that tantric stuff), we've arrived here - the dawn of a new age: Tiny Dancing - The Fanzine / Comic / Self Published Thing (we're not quite sure which yet).

One of the reasons we stopped the old blog was that the world of the futureweb was becoming saturated. Which is no bad thing, it's what it's for after all, but we've never really liked being in a crowd that much, we find it cramps our unique style. And on top of that, we found there was a real detachment intrinsic in the whole process which was seemingly getting bigger and bigger, and which we just couldn't get around.

In producing a real thing that exists in the actual world, we're hoping to do a couple of things. One is to get over that detachment lark, and the other is to open up our full gamut of creative urges for your delectation. The idea behind the new Tiny Dancing is to collect together work from people we know and are hopefully going to meet, which they want to do and are passionate about.

There aren't going to be specific themes or rules, apart from the fact that it needs to be able to be included in a published format - it's purely about what our contributors want to make. Then once we've got enough for an issue we collect it together, print it out, and send it to you. Fiendishly original, we know, but we're absolutely convinced that it will be a genuinely rewarding experience for both us and you. Genuinely.

Our first issue is done - the cover of which is at the top of this post - and includes work from Michael Gosden, Steven Horry, Ricky Miller, Rebecca Strickson and David White. Like parents taking their child to big school for the first time, we're very proud. If you would like a copy, send an email to with your proper real address, and we'll get one out to you.

Issue two is being put together now, and we're aiming to have it done some time in April. If you'd like to get involved and maybe submit something for inclusion, email

This is the end of the seminar. Thank you for coming.

Saturday, 27 February 2010


Don't panic. It's all under control.