Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Return of The Tiny Dancing Podcast

Back in the dim and distant days of Tiny Dancing, when we didn't really exist and were not people of art, we used to talk about stuff and then make that talking available for people to listen to, if they were that way inclined. You know the type.

Then we stopped doing that, didn't do anything at all for a bit, then started doing Tiny Dancing as a venerable publication of the great and the good, which you know about because we tell you about it often enough.

But we'd stopped talking, and if there's one thing we at Tiny Dancing like more than beautiful illustration, writing, comics and other stuff, it's talking. So we've started again.

We're calling this talking 'Issue 6', because it seemed topical and because we read an article about selling stuff on the interweb, and it said it was a good idea. We talk about what we've got in Issue 6 (topical), what other people have got in Issue 6 (topical), and round things off with an interview with Steven Horry - the man, the life, the art. All in all, the two magic words. Added. Value. Right click.

The Tiny Dancing Podcast - Issue 6

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  1. I can confirm that The Right Honourable The Lord Bragg is Melvyn's correct title.