Sunday, 8 August 2010

Tiny Dancing - Issue 2 (Not Real Version)

Please don't be angry. Please don't be annoyed. Yes, it's taking a little bit longer than expected to sort out Issue 3. And yes, the crushing pressure of our own mortality means that is not a good thing (and it's all my fault to boot).

It's not far off though, and to try and win back a little bit of your patronic favour may we present you with the future-not-real-version of Issue 2, for the downloading thereof.

Now, cards on the table time - there are pros and cons with this particular incarnation. Yes, it's more electronic and less perishable, but it also means the full, seismic impact of the Interactive Future Page is somewhat lost. Swings and roundabouts and that.

So yes - Issue 3 looms on the horizon like a watchful, wary man-child, and may I ask you rest assured that once it gains the confidence and maturity to finally make it's approach towards civilization, it will truly be quite a beauty. And besides, we're all going to live forever aren't we, so we can all handle a bit of a wait I think.

Tiny Dancing - Issue 2 (Not Real Version)