Saturday, 26 February 2011

The London Comic and Small Press Expo

In an unprecedented display of actually doing something, Tiny Dancing will be appearing at the London Comic and Small Press Expo at Goldsmiths University in New Cross on Saturday the 12th of March. We're on table 59. It sounds like a good table.

We've got all kinds of crazy plans afoot for our first ever outing at such a thing, and although we've had to shelve the midget rap karaoke (something to do with insurance), we should have other things to be taken away from us for nothing, and there will also the unique opportunity to get your hands on issue 5 a good couple of weeks before anyone else in the world will. If that's not reason enough to come along and see our faces, I'm not sure what you people want anymore...

Have a look at the Expo website for all the stuff that needs to be known and what else is going on, and how to get there and get in and so on - it starts at 10am and goes on until 5pm, so you'll definitely be able to get out of New Cross before night fall.

What FUN.

UPDATE! Here's a photo of our table on the day. Special mentions to the Tiny Dancing sign made by Rebecca Strickson, and the two haunting dog statuettes provided by Khan's Bargain, Peckham.