Saturday, 25 June 2011

Tiny Dancing - Issue 4 (Not Real Version)

I am built for heat. Anyone who knows me knows that I am built for heat. But even then on a day such as this, when weather forecasters have to look up what we call it when temperatures get above twenty-nine degrees (start at 'thirty' chaps, and work your way up from there), I have made some classic errors.

Firstly, I've started watching a new television series that is rather good, and have powered through the first four episodes without as much as mopping my brow with a moist wipe. Answers on a postcard as to what that series might be. And that's not a trick question.

Secondly, I've decided to make a curry, so I can use up the chicken that's in the fridge. It was on it's sell by date and was possibly smelling the wrong side of keen, but I'm arsed if I'm going round the shops again. I've get six more episodes to go, and no time to waste.

And as they say, these things come in threes - so to fall in with that I've decided to hoist the non-touch version of Tiny Dancing Issue 4 up the futureweb flagpole for all to see for miles around, along with the first instalment of the Tiny Dancing Audio Library, which of course came free with the please-touch version - the ever mysteriously titled (not really) 'Journeys'. This is of course the most opportune of timings, because no doubt everyone is indoors this evening squinting at a laptop screen and trying not to splash rogan josh over the keyboard, primed to receive such an offering. Just like me.

So here you go, you little culture vultures - stop your circling and start your... downloading. Got away from me at the end there.

Tiny Dancing - Issue 4 (Not Real Version)

Tiny Dancing Audio Library - Volume 1 - Journeys