Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Life Of Hadley

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Another Tiny Dancing Christmas!

There are two thing we like at Tiny Dancing; art and Christmas. We get art all the long year around - that's just the type of people we are - but Christmas, that's a different story. And we don't necessarily mean the one about the little fella in the manger with the cows.

Yes, we like Christmas very much, and have done ever since we got the Millennium Falcon as our main present in 1982. It's kind of been a bit downhill from there in all honesty, but it was a very high peak, and we're optimistic sorts.

So it's armed with that warm, gooey feeling that we bring to you our Christmas Offers. Just to break that down a bit, that's 'offers' that are exclusively related to 'Christmas', that involve us presenting you with the gift of value. Warm, gooey value.

'What are these offers?' the children cried. 'Why, they are thus!' replied the newly repentant Scrooge.

TINY DANCING CHRISTMAS OFFER NO. 1: Three Tiny Dancing's for the Price of Two!

That's right, until the end of December you can get issues 4, 5 and 6 of Tiny Dancing for only Four English Pounds! Now, stop for a moment - consider what that feeling is... that's right, it's warm, gooey value dripping down your chin. Enjoy it. You deserve it. And enjoy this special Tiny Dancing Christmas Offer No. 1 promotional image as well. The PayPal button works the magic.


But that's not all! There is more! This is the more!

TINY DANCING CHRISTMAS OFFER NO. 2: A Free TYTHCV1 with every Reads Issue 1!

Now, some lucky souls have already been on the receiving end of this particular offer, and the feedback has been... I'd like to say overwhelming, so I'm going to - overwhelming. Until the end of December, everyone who buys a copy of Reads Issue 1 gets a completely and utterly free copy of The Young Tony Hadley Chronicles Vol. 1. It just gets put in the envelope. Just like that. You get it. You read it. You ask some pretty searching questions. Christmas is saved. Arty TYTHCV1 photo now.


And with that we are spent. Our sack is empty, our cupboards bare. But we have a warm, gooey feeling about our person, and that's enough for us. Merry Christmas, one and all!