Friday, 7 May 2010

Tiny Dancing - Issue 2 (Real Version)

Tiny Dancing Issue 2 is here!

After three whole months of toil, soul searching, gnashing of teeth and other such similar demonstrations of creative endeavour, issue two of Tiny Dancing is ready. Excellent.

And so we thought with nothing else of national import happening this week, let's push the little bugger out of the nest on the 7th of May to see if it'll fly and soar or crash to earth with a sickening thump and a last, plaintive chirrup. We shall see.

Due to the sheer quality of content, and also because I got a bit excited with one particular feature, we're going to have to ask you to give us one pound for it this time, which covers post and that as well - and when you see what we've got for you, we are CONFIDENT you'll agree a fair transaction has been conducted to the satisfaction of all.

Smoothly sliding over then to what we've got, we have contributions from new friends of Tiny Dancing Emma Hammond, Sam Ely and Megan Ancliffe, as well as the continuing works of Ricky Miller, Steven Horry, Michael Gosden, Rebecca Strickson and me. Amazing.

So, yes, one pound. There are three ways in which you can pay us that we can think of:

1 - Paypal - apparently, if you click on this here button and follow the instructions, magic things will happen. Let us know if it doesn't work, yeah?


2 - Send me a pound stuck to a bit of card with your address on to:

Tiny Dancing
12C The Gardens
East Dulwich
SE22 9QD

(Having to trust the postie a bit there - living dangerously and all that).

3 - Give me a pound next time you see me, and make me write down your address somewhere so I can remember to send you a copy. I may even be carrying one around with me for an immediate exchange of goods.

If none of that makes any sense, which is more than possible, you can email me at, and with a bit of luck you'll find me in a better place to sort stuff out.

Or, if it all seems a bit complicated, Sister Ray on Berwick Street in London Town are now selling some copies from atop their counter. Easy.