Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Reads - Issue 1 (Real Version)

Despite the best efforts of all involved, the return from Leeds was made with minds, bodies and souls mostly intact. Thought Bubble was excellent fun, and damned inspirational to boot. What more could we ask for? Erasure being played as requested on the Saturday night, that’s what, but then we are very difficult to please…

So we begrudgingly return to the real world. We playfully teased you last week with a mention of Reads Issue 1, the new home of all things comic-like in the world that was and will once more be Tiny Dancing. Now we are coy no more. It is time to let it all hang out.

We showed you the wraparound cover, dreamt up in a fever by Ricky Miller and realised in a storm by Rebecca Strickson, and we told you it was amazing. But we were wrong. It’s also great – and how do we know this? Because Jock told us, that’s how. A wise as well as very nice man - we suspected as much. Here it is again, because it really is amazingly great.

But what else is there? Well as this is a first issue we thought we’d give you a bit of hot value. That explains the 48 pages (48!) that contain the next instalments of Ricky and Steve Horry’s dinosaur infested Hilary Harper expedition, Tim Bird’s beautiful musings on youth in suburbia, Michael Gosden’s first glimpse of the fate that awaits Shelby Matthews (I even helped a bit with that one), and Ricky rounding things off with the final pieces of the Metroland puzzle he's been putting in place in order to introduce the band. Here are some temptingly arty photos of all that:

I’m really not being a mental when I assure you that everyone involved has produced their best work, and that for the bargain price of £3.00 you will be owning something that we really are rather proud of. Get your hands on a copy by doing the Paypals below, or by sending me an email to work out what we call in these parts a ‘solution’. It’s what we’re all about. Unless we’re in a casino in Leeds at 4am, when we’ve got to be up in about four hours to try and be retail professionals for an entire day. That one we still need to put some work into.


EDIT: We think we've worked out the problem some people have been having with the PayPal link. It's all a bit fingers crossed, but we believe it had something to do with 'masking' - that could be a technical term, or we could have made it up - that's the level of competence you're dealing with here.

So, if you can't get the PayPal button above to work go here and use the PayPal button on that page - it'll look exactly the same, but it should work.

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ANOTHER EDIT: Or, get yourself down to Orbital Comics, because we've finally got our act together and got them stocked up with some hot copies, just in time for Christmas. Whilst there, check out the Solipsistic Pop exhibition, and Ryan Hall's Mr Freeze Takes Over Christmas and be amazed and inspired in equal measure.


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  2. Hi - thanks for letting us know about the PayPal link. It seems to be working for some people but not others, which makes it a bit tricky to work out what's going wrong. Well, tricky for us, anyway.

    I've re-done the button and hopefully that's sorted it, but if you're still having problems I've amended the end of the post to add in an email link to send me a message - I'll get back to you and we can work out the best way to get you a copy.

    Sorry for all the messing around!


  3. Hi again - we think we've worked out the problem - something to do with 'masking' we believe.

    If you go to:

    And try the PayPal button on that page, it should work. Email me at the address in the post if you're still having problems.