Sunday, 2 January 2011

Tiny Dancing - Issue 3 (Not Real Version)

Ah, a new year - a time for new hopes. New dreams. New ambitions...

But not here at Tiny Dancing. Oh no. Here is a bit of the old, in the form of the downloadable electronic not real digitialistic version of Issue 3, which you can now probably not get anywhere since we think they've all possibly been sold. Unless we've lost some somewhere, which is easily achievable. So yes, download this:

Tiny Dancing - Issue 3 (Not Real Version)

The new will of course be coming in a little (couple) while (of months), and until then you can still get your bountiful(!), colourful(!) and soundful(?) copy of Issue 4 all as per the post before this one, which in summary would be Paypal (even thought it props up evil and so on etc etc etc), the post, me, the shops.

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