Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tiny Dancing - Issue 4 (Real Version)

What's that? Tiny Dancing Issue 4 is here? Just in time for the yueltide? Oh, thank the Jesu child! And merry Christmas, everyone!

That is correct - with the festive season bearing down on us like an overly large child stuffed to the gills with Guylians, Issue 4 has landed in our metaphorical stocking for your enjoyment in between the eating and the drinking and the feeling slightly gippy. Better than a walnut, and a on a par with a satsuma. Which might possibly be our new tagline.

So what does this most... frosty of issues bring? Wonders we tell you, wonders (in a convenient bullet pointed format):

- a colour cover (magic)!
- 36 pages of joy (voluminous)!
- a compact disc entitled Tiny Dancing Audio Library Vol. 1 (enigmatic)!

But wait - who are the wise men, women and others who have come to present gifts on this night? Why, none other than Megan Ancliffe, Laura Coxeter, Michael Gosden, H.B., Steven Horry, Ricky Miller, Joe Morris, Rebecca Strickson and David White - truly, we are blessed.

So - enough of this mincing under the mistletoe, let us get down to business. Due to the sheer size and colour and free sound you're getting with this one, Issue 4 costs a princely two pounds. It's very much worth it though - of that we are CONFIDENT. And how can you make this Christmas the very best one since you got things you really wanted and not just a multi-pack of Primark pants and/or knickers? Take your pick, my beauties:

1 - The Paypal - it's a thing that works with made up money


2 - Send me two one pound coins, a ten pence and a twenty pence stuck to a bit of card with your address on to:

Tiny Dancing
12c The Gardens
East Dulwich
SE22 9QD

A copy will be dispatched forthwith. As long as the Royal Mail doesn't grind to a halt because they've got a few more letters to deliver of course, I don't know...

3 - Hunt me down like a Christmas turkey, DON'T throttle me, but DO give me two pounds in denominations of your choosing, and I will give you what you are wanting. I won't play hard to get. Haven't got the moves anymore...

And before we go, does anyone remember David Bowie doing the introduction to The Snowman? I bloody didn't.